Premera Blue Cross

Premera Blue Cross

Phone Number: 1-800-722-1471

Gonzaga offers a self-funded medical plan that is administered by Premera Blue Cross.  Under a self-funded plan the employer, Gonzaga, puts aside funds to pay anticipated health insurance claims for its employees rather than pay a premium to an insurance carrier.  Premera administers Gonzaga's plan by processing claims and sending payments to the providers.  Under this type of plan, the employer takes on the associated risk.  If the incurred claim payments are high, the plan costs more. Conversely, if the claims are lower than anticipated, the plan costs are lower. The plan also utilizes a panel of providers that offer covered members a discount on their services under an arrangement with Premera called a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).  Both of these plan features assist Gonzaga in maintaining a high quality plan at an affordable cost.

In order to maximize the benefits of this self-funded plan model, Gonzaga strongly encourages all employees to get involved in ZAGFit, our employer sponsored wellness program, and to also utilize the plan's preventive coverage benefits to help manage their health care costs.

The plan offers a $500 deductible per year and an 80% co-insurance, leaving the employee to pay only 20% of their healthcare costs if using a preferred provider. Office visits are covered with a $25 copay.  Preventive services are covered at 100%.  Prescriptions are covered with a 30-day copay of $10-generic, $25-name brand, or $50-nonpreferred name brand. A discount is provided if the prescription is filled through 90-day mail order. See the Plan Highlights below:

More details on the coverage, a current list of preferred providers and prescription mail order information can be found at:

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