Links to Outside Resources

Links to Outside Resources

We happily review resources sent from students, faculty, staff of GU or other Disability office Professionals - we will not review unsolicited resources from external agencies trying to advertise, please don't send anyone at the University an email requesting a posting of your link if you fall into this category.  Thank you!

Links to Outside Resources for Students with Disabilities

Websites pertaining to the laws governing higher education

Americans with Disabilities Act - Title III
Reasonable Accommodations: An On-line Resource for Employers and Educators

Websites for student needing assistance with learning strategies

Learning Strategies
Study Skills Self-help Information

Websites for students with visual impairments

Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic
American Federation for the Blind
American Council for the Blind
National Federation of the Blind
General information and links

Websites for students who are hard of hearing or deaf

Pepnet Online
Alphanumeric pagers
The Text Telephone FAQ.
Deaf Info Website

Website for students with mobility impairments

Chat, bookstore, magazine, message board, and links.

Website for students with chronic health conditions

National Women's Health Information Center
Department of Health and Human Services

Websites for students with learning disabilities

Interactive guide to learning disabilities with online support group.
Learning Disabilities Association
Website for learning disabilities with link
Dyslexia Information International Dyslexia Association

Websites for students with AD/HD

Children and Adults with ADD
National ADD Association
ADD Information
ADD Association with links to resources

Websites for students seeking career development

National Business & Disability Council with resume database
American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science
Search for jobs, add resume
Job Accommodation Network
Help with planning careers including ADA information

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