Typical Timeline for Writing Your Grant Proposal


General timeframe

Specific dates for this proposal

Read the grant guidelines and related documentation[1]

Before you begin writing the proposal

Meet with grants professionals to go over the process and requirements for this particular application

Training: Software features and file naming protocol

Complete before editing begins[2]

Internal Approvals Document: Create the required project synopsis and budget to accompany the form.

If needed, arrange for current letters of commitment/support and bids

Proposal writing

Send documents for editing as you complete them.[3]

Proposal editing begins[4]

No later than 10 business days before the Finalized Proposal Due Date (that is, 3 weeks before the funder deadline).

Internal Approval Document for External Funding form Due Date

10 business days before the funder deadline - turn in to SRP office with your and your chair's signature

Finalized Proposal Due Date

5 business days before funder deadline

Funder (Agency) Deadline

[1] For example, NSF spells out instructions for writing grant applications to them in their Grant Proposal Guide (GPG).

[2] Knowing how to use Track Changes, Comment Boxes, built in citations formatting, SmartArt, and Screenshot will save you time, lots of time.

[3] When you send proposal parts or documents as you complete them, grants office staff can be working on editing and final proofreading while you are working on other parts of the proposal.

[4] Allow several days (generally two weeks) for us to review your proposal and to work with you to edit it. Frequently, last minute problems arise. If there is not time to address them before submission, your grant may not be submitted on time. Plan to be easily accessible during this time in case problems arise. (Do not hand in a proposal and leave on vacation!!)

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Last update: 6 July 2011