Searching for Grant Funding Options

Gonzaga University subscribes to a large funding database called Pivot, which is produced by RefWorks-COS.  Pivot is a search engine that faculty members, staff, and students can use to find funding opportunities and to support collaboration.  You can create customizable searches on Pivot specific to your research and funding interests.  The database is updated daily, according to their website, and can alert you each week to new opportunities associated with your searches if you choose to set that up.

Access the Pivot Quick Start Guide here.

Access Pivot at

SRP student-employees can answer your questions about using the Pivot system and/or walk you through setting up an account and queries.  Please contact Joann Waite to schedule help for setting up a Pivot account.

Remember, other places to find funding leads include at conferences, through peers, and from funders named in journal articles or books related to your research interests.  At funder websites (for example, at, you can do keyword searches to see which of the funder's internal directorates, divisions, institutes, or other departments are funding similar and/or complementary research.

Facutly members seeking to assist students in finding graduate scholorships, fellowships, and loans may find this link to MSU helpful.  The page contains links to potential funder websites and databases, recommends related books (housed in their library), and links to helpful articles.

Last update:  21 September 2016