Planning Your Proposal

Creating a successful proposal, whether public or private, begins with thorough planning.

One step is finding a funder that matches your interests. Look for who is funding studies in your field. Glean funding info from professional organizations related to your work interests. Discuss your project ideas with grants staff members at GU who can then screen daily reports from as well as other publications about grants and notify you about potential funding opportunities.

Foundation Directory Online is a search engine for private grants only. It is not available to faculty and staff. To use this directory supplied by the Foundation Center, you will need to pick FC Keywords that reflect your project. When you have your keywords, contact Carroll Deason to search the database for you. 

FC keywords can also be put to work when you search PIVOT.  G.U. provides an institutional subscription to this searchable database through which you (if you are a faculty or staff member or student of G.U.) can access information on public as well as private funding options.  The Federal RePORTER, which is available to the public, contains detailed, searchable data on Federally funded science projects, grants, and awards. 

Another step is to begin developing your idea. Completing a project concept worksheet can help you firm up your plans. Another way to firm up your plans is to answer our proposal planning questions. Here is another type of proposal preparation worksheet that can help. Many proposals require citations. Here is a citation worksheet to help you plan, and here is information about using RefWorks.

Logic models can be helpful in planning your proposal, especially if the RFP does not give a lot of guidance. Here is a simple example of a logic model. Here is a more in-depth explanation of how to use a logic model.

As you get closer to your submission date, you will need to complete the Internal Approval Document for External Funding. This form must be completely signed before your proposal can be submitted. Please allow 10 days for this process. Please contact Joann Waite if you have questions about this form.

Last update: 14 April 2015, IAD link update 4/12/2017