Overview of Private Funding


Your grant-seeking success will depend on the type of project, amount of support needed, and your funding timeframe. Sometimes, grants might not be the best fund-raising method.  A "fundable" project or program matches donor interests and current University priorities.   Some funding agencies may consider only one Gonzaga application at a time, while others have no limit. We help manage these restrictions in line with departmental priorities and the University's strategic plan. Also, keep in mind that a typical grant can take from six to 18 months to be approved.   "Getting a grant" is only one part of a process that involves identifying, researching, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding private grant makers. Fund raising, like project development and management, is an art as well as a science. It takes time and persistence to succeed. You must bring your own creativity and remain flexible.

When looking for private funding, you should consider the funder's: 

  • Field(s) of interest... Catholic, education, youth, ecology
  • Special populations or groups funded... low-income, minority
  • Types of support... program, capital, operating
  • Funding history... type and location of organizations supported, size of average grant award
  • Geographic focus and limitations... eastern WA, WA, Pacific NW, national
  • Matching or cost-sharing requirements
  • Deadlines and procedures
  • "Rules of engagement..." call/don't call, who to contact, etc.