New Faculty Learning Community
2013 - 2014 NFLC

New Faculty Learning Community

The CTA's New Faculty Learning Community is a yearlong program of collaborative inquiry meant to support new faculty members and help integrate them into the Gonzaga community. It is open to both tenure-track and non-tenure-track faculty, and is designed to help prepare participants for an academic career, whether that is at Gonzaga or elsewhere.

Structure and Organization

A learning community is a committed cohort engaged in extended, collaborative inquiry. The group meets regularly to ask and answer questions, share information and experiences, and support one another as they pursue either a common project or individual projects on a common theme. For the New Faculty Learning Community, the objects of our inquiry will be ourselves as teachers—why and how do we do what we do?

The New Faculty Learning Community will meet ten times during the year--five times each semester. Each session is designed both to provide an occasion for you to debrief and socialize, and to offer topics for discussion and reflection that are of formative value for all faculty, but perhaps especially for those new to Gonzaga. At the CTA we believe in the supportive power of good food and drink for faculty, so you can always expect great refreshments when we meet. You can also expect 1-2 brief (article-length) readings for most sessions. These will be distributed to you well ahead of time, either by email or the CTA website.

For more details on the specific topics to be covered, click on the link to the left for the cohort of the current academic year.