Tutoring at Gonzaga

If you find yourself struggling in a course this semester, and are seeking extra help, follow these recommendations.

Having Trouble with Course Materials

Students having trouble with their course material should seek out the help of their professor first. Professors are available before and after class and have posted office hours, which are usually listed on the course syllabus. When you meet with your professor (AAA recommends actually scheduling a meeting) be as specific as possible when communicating your struggles with the course material. Your professor will be better able to help you if they know exactly what part(s) of the material you are trying to understand more clearly.  

Help with Writing Assignments

If you are looking for help with a writing assignment, visit the Writing Center. The Writing Center is located in Foley Library.  Visit their website for hours and other helpful resources. 

Help with Mathematics Courses

The Mathematics Lab, located in Herak 224, assists students with their math courses. Their schedule varies within and between semesters.  Hours are posted in the Herak Building on the lab door and in the Department Chair's office, Herak 227A or click the link to find their current hours.

Tutoring Sessions

Some departments at Gonzaga offer free group and/or individual tutoring sessions. For a comprehensive list, click here. This information is updated each semester.

If no tutor is available for your desired course, ask your professor for a list of available tutors. These tutors are privately arranged; most will charge a fee. Your professor should have contact information for each tutor. If your professor does not have a list of available tutors, go to the Department Chair. Department Chairs rotate each academic year. Ask your professor or Dean's Office for the current Department Chair of the course for which you need tutoring or contact our office at 509-313-4072 or advise@gonzaga.edu for the contact information.

Other Classroom Resources

For other classroom and on-campus resources, visit our Study Strategies section for information on study tips, including note taking and time management, or schedule an appointment with an advisor in the Academic Advising & Assistance office.

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