Schedule FAQs

Why am I taking Music in the Humanities?  What requirement does HIST 101 fulfill?  Does this course even count towards my degree? 

Get these questions answered in the "Why Am I Taking These Courses" page, where we break down your schedule by University Core, or major/area of interest.

Who is my Academic Advisor?

Advisor assignments will be distributed during New Student Orientation.  You will meet with your advisor for the first time on Monday, August 28th.  You will work with your assigned faculty advisor on all things academic beginning that day. 

How do I know what schedule changes to make if I don't have an advisor yet?

Your first semester schedule was constructed by professional advisors in the Academic Advising & Assistance office. We are cross-curriculum advisors, which means we know what you need regardless of your major. For questions, concerns or requests regarding your fall schedule, contact us beginning August 1st through the Schedule Change process. 

What can I expect when making a schedule change?

We are here for you, ready to listen actively and work towards the best possible schedule that meets degree requirements. We give each student the time and attention deserved so you leave us feeling informed and comfortable going into your first semester at Gonzaga. It will help our advising process if you:

  • Come prepared - write down what you are requesting and any questions you have so you don't forget anything important.
  • If you wish to add an elective course, be prepared with more than one choice, as they do fill quickly.
  • Practice patience. We are doing our absolute best to move through student requests efficiently without sacrificing quality. We appreciate your patience very much!

Can I change my own schedule on Zagweb? 

As a new student, you will not be able to alter your schedule in any way on Zagweb until spring semester.  Your first semester is the only time in your Gonzaga career where your schedule will be constructed for you.  You will make all future schedules in conjunction with the advice of your Academic Advisor.

Why do I have Biology 105 but not Biology 105 Lab? 

Biology 105 and Lab are unique courses at Gonzaga, in that they are completely independent of each other, in terms of course content.  This allows students to take Lecture the semester prior to taking their lab for the course.  If you were enrolled for BIOL 105 but not the lab, you will take your lab in the spring semester. 

Why do I have a Lab that meets two days a week, when others only meet once? 

Lab Science courses at Gonzaga are sometimes scheduled for two days to make up for lost class time during Holidays.  For example, labs scheduled for M/W, will meet on Wednesdays when Monday is a holiday.  You will not be meeting more than once a week for your lab science credit.  Details and specifics will be included in your syllabus on the first day of class.

I took a Foreign Language Placement Assessment, but do not have a language in my fall schedule.  Why?

We do our best to accommodate students who ask for language their first semester, but some are in high demand, particularly Spanish, and we simply can't give every student who asks for the language a seat in a class.  If you did not get language this fall, you will have the opportunity to add one in the spring, or later semesters.

I think I was placed too low in Mathematics, and want to move up.  How can I do so?

Students who took the ALEKS Placement Assessment this spring have the opportunity to retake this assessment up to two times to improve their scores, after spending time in the Prep and Learning Module.  Go to and log in with the credentials you created earlier this spring.  Once you have completed your second and/or third attempt, please contact our office ( so we know to look for an updated score. 

Do I have to Audition for music ensembles and choir? 

Yes, most of our ensemble music groups, including University Choir, require an audition.  The Music department will be communicating with students regarding audition times which are held either during Orientation, or within the first week of the term.  For questions, please contact the Music Department at 509-313-6733.

I don't have Math/Science/English, etc., in my first semester.  Why?

If your first semester schedule is missing requirements that you are used to having as a high school student, that's ok!  College is different from your high school schedules and requirements like math and science rely heavily on the type of major you are pursuing.  Likewise, some students may not have English their first semester, due to scheduling complexities.  Please know everything we have enrolled you for will count towards your degree, as University Core, Major, Minor or General Elective credit. 

I am concerned about the number of classes/credits I have as a first-semester student, and my friends say my schedule is too heavy.  What can I do?

Most students need to average 16 credits per semester in order to graduate on-time.  This credit-load varies in terms of number of classes, as the credit worth varies from class to class.  If you have less than 16 credits your first semester, and wish to add a course, please contact us during Schedule Change Times.  If you have more than 16 credits, this is likely due to your major(s), or the pursuit of extra-curricular activities like sports or teacher certification programs.  As professional advisors, our job is to put you in the right classes, for an on-time graduation, which may mean heavier credit loads than your friends.  If in doubt, feel free to contact us.