Engineering and Applied Science

Engineering and Applied Science

The School of Engineering & Applied Science offers degrees in the following:


  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science, Engineering Management
  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Students interested in the engineering fields, with the exception of Computer Science, will take courses from a common curriculum freshman year.   

Students interested in Computer Science in the School of Engineering & Applied Science do not take the common curriculum for first year engineering students. 

Students intending to major in engineering must be strong in science and math. To ensure your readiness for this type of major, you should have completed the following in high school:

  • 3 years of science
  • 4 years of math, including Calculus
  • Higher than average grades in science and math courses

Furthermore, you should understand that you will be taking multiple science and math based courses every semester. Any deviation may cause a delay in your four-year graduation plan.

Engineering majors must take the following math and science courses in the first semester to be on track for graduation in four years

Computer Science majors take the following courses in the first semester:

  • CPSC 121 Computer Science I
  • MATH 157 Calculus & Analytical Geometry**

**Placement into MATH 157 is evaluated by Academic Advising and Assistance and the Math Department using the student's high school transcript and standardized test scores. Students not ready for MATH 157 should consider attending GUST, Gonzaga University Summer Term, to enroll in and complete MATH 147 (Pre-calculus), so you are not behind in the fall term. Students starting in MATH 147 in the fall semester will be behind for a 4-year degree, and typically require a summer session to get back on track for on-time graduation.  To learn more about GUST, visit

***Some engineering majors will be placed into Physics (in place of Chemistry) first semester, depending on high school transcripts, college credit, and math preparation.  Others may be placed into two higher level math courses, or CPEN 230/L Digital Logic, depending on transfer credits and readiness, in lieu of a science their first semester.

For program information and course descriptions, please visit the on-line Undergraduate Catalogue. You will follow the 2015-16 Undergraduate Catalogue.  This catalogue is currently under construction but should be posted sometime this summer.  In the meantime, please refer to the 2014-15 Undergraduate Catalogue, as much of the information is the same.

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