Activity & Music Electives

Students are encouraged, but not required, to take elective activity courses, which do count towards total credits needed for a degree.

Students can choose PE and MUSC courses in their Academic Interest Survey.  You may also come see us during Schedule Changes to add these courses to your schedules. 

The following is a list of activity courses typically offered in the fall semester.  Course availability fluctuates throughout the summer, so courses listed may fill.  Many classes have extra fees associated with them, which will be added to your student account bill.   Other courses require you have your own transportation, as they are offered off-campus.  These courses are marked with a T in the comments box.  Music courses requiring audition are marked with an A in the comment box. 

If you have a specific question about the courses, feel free to contact the departments directly (EDPE 509.313.3497, THEA/DANCE 509.313.6662, MUSC 509.313.6733.)

Dept. Course  Title Comments
EDPE 101 Tai Chi  
EDPE 103 Basketball and Flag Football  
EDPE 108 Beginning Bowling
EDPE 109 League Bowling T
EDPE 110 X-Biking  
EDPE 111 Indoor Soccer T
EDPE 113 CrossFit T
EDPE 114 Zumba  
EDPE 115 Aerobics  
EDPE 116 Cardio Pump  
EDPE 118 Barre Long and Lean T
EDPE 124 Beginning Fencing
EDPE 126 Beginning Golf T
EDPE 129 Self Defense/Judo  
EDPE 146 Soccer and Volleyball  
EDPE 147 Softball and Volleyball  
EDPE 151 The Union Spin/Yoga T
EDPE 155 Soccer/Basketball  
EDPE 156 Pilates  
EDPE 157 Yoga  
EDPE 158 Fitness and Conditioning  
EDPE 160 Weight Training  
EDPE 161 Studio Yoga T
EDPE 175 Beginning Gymclimbing T
EDPE 176 Int Gymclimbing T
EDPE 178 Racquetball  
EDPE 188 PiYo  
MUSC 121 Piano Class I
MUSC 122 Piano Class II
MUSC 123 Guitar Class I
MUSC 125 Group Voice Class
MUSC 126 Vocal Diction  
MUSC 131A Applied Piano
MUSC 131C Applied Voice
MUSC 131D Applied Violin
MUSC 131D Applied Viola
MUSC 131E Applied Cello
MUSC 131F Applied Oboe
MUSC 131G Applied Guitar
MUSC 131H Applied String Bass
MUSC 131I Applied Clarinet
MUSC 131J Applied Saxophone
MUSC 131K Applied Flute
MUSC 131L Applied Trumpet
MUSC 131M Applied Low Brass
MUSC 131N Applied Percussion
MUSC 131O Applied Jazz Piano
MUSC 131Q Applied French Horn
MUSC 131R Applied Jazz Improvisation
MUSC 131T Applied Conducting
MUSC 131U Applied Jazz Bass
MUSC 131V Applied Harp
MUSC 131X Applied Jazz Guitar
MUSC 131Y Applied Jazz Voice
MUSC 131Z Applied Jazz Drum Set
MUSC 140 Concert Choir
MUSC 143 Chamber Singers
MUSC 144 Gonzaga Men's Chorus
MUSC 145 Gonzaga Women's Chorus
MUSC 146 Wind Symphony A
MUSC 147 Symphony Orchestra A
MUSC 149 Jazz Workshop Combo A
MUSC 150 Guitar Ensemble A
MUSC 152 Gonzaga Jazz Ensemble A
MUSC 153 String Chamber Ensemble A
MUSC 154 Percussion Ensemble A
MUSC 155 Gonzaga Band
MUSC 156 Gonzaga Drum Line
THEA 124 Ballet I  
THEA 125 Jazz Dance I  
THEA 132 Stagecraft
THEA 134 Costume Construction
THEA 224 Modern Dance I  
THEA 226 Accelerated Ballet Technique  
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