Academic Probation

Students are on Academic Probation whenever the term and/or cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0.  To be in Good Academic Standing with the University, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 as determined at the end of every semester, beginning with the completion of the student’s second regular (non-summer) semester at Gonzaga University. Good Academic Standing is required for all graduating students, and it may impact a student’s ability to receive financial aid, scholarships, or to represent Gonzaga in extra-curricular activities.

To read the University's policy on academic probation in its entirety, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalogue, (section E of Grading Policies under Degree Requirements).

The Committee on Academic Standing meets at the end of the fall and spring terms to review the records of students who are not in Good Academic Standing and on Academic Probation at Gonzaga University.  The Committee, which is comprised of various Deans and Faculty from each of the five schools, will decide if students will be dismissed or allowed to continue on further probation. Students on academic probation are notified of the Committee's decision via e-mail, and in cases, via postal service.

Students who have made unsatisfactory progress are at risk for losing their financial aid. Please refer to the Undergraduate Catalogue for the University's policy regarding Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), view the online version in Adobe Acrobat Reader or call Financial Aid at 800.793.1716.

If you have questions about an email you received from the Committee on Academic Standing regarding your academic progress, please contact us.


If you have been directed to complete an Academic Success Plan, click here.

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