Sportsmanship Rating System

Sportsmanship Rating System

Intramurals, while in a competitive setting, are primarily for recreational purposes.  It is a privilege to have the opportunity to participate, not a right. In conjunction with the mission statement of Gonzaga University, Intramurals intends to provide participants with a positive, social atmosphere for competition.  Fighting, taunting and/or showing disrespect toward a peer or administrator will not be accepted and will be penalized. Having fun, while competing, is an important aspect of Intramurals at Gonzaga University for all participants: students, faculty and staff.  If participants continuously act in a manner that creates a hostile environment for the Intramural staff or other participants, that participant will be removed from all activity.


After each game, the officials and supervisor will award a Sportsmanship Rating to each team.  The captain must sign the score sheet after the game to ensure the scores are correct and that the team is aware of their sportsmanship rating.  The teams will be rated in whole numbers on a scale of 0-3 and must maintain a 2.5 and above average to qualify for playoffs. The 2.5 and above average must also be maintained throughout playoffs.

SPORTSMANSHIP RATING SYSTEM SCALE (click here to view the Sportsmanship Rating Scale of 0-3)

Captain Responsibilities:  Captains play a vital role not only in the success of the Intramural program, but their players and team.  Captains are the leaders on the court/playing field and set the example for all players and teams.  Information that is dispersed to captains is essential and should be passed along to the entire team. Lack of knowledge of policies, procedures and rules is not an excuse and will be a direct reflection of the captain.  It is the responsibility of the captain to ensure that his/her team acts in an appropriate and sportsmanlike manner.  This policy also includes the teams' spectators and fans.  If spectators that can be directly tied to a team, by an Intramural staff member, fail to act in a sportsmanlike manner, that team's captain will be penalized accordingly (individual/team warning, yellow card, technical foul, unsportsmanlike conduct penalty, etc...). 

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct will be penalized in accordance with the Intramural disciplinary actions and that sport's rules set.  Decisions are final on all disciplinary actions (participants cannot appeal a suspension).

Confrontations with Opponents, Intramural Staff, Officials, Scorekeepers/ID, Supervisors and/or Directors:  It is inevitable that participants will eventually disagree with rulings made by Intramural staff or officials or dislike opposing players.  However, disagreements can be handled in a responsible and respectful manner.  When participants act in a confrontational or hostile manner, they will be disciplined.  Intimidating, threatening, or attempting to fight an official or any Intramural staff member will have the participant suspended INDEFINITELY from all Intramural sports and events.  Intimidating, threatening or attempting to fight an opponent will have the participant suspended for one calendar year from the date the incident took place.

Ejections:  If participants receive two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, two yellow cards=red card, one red card, flagrant foul, or are ejected for any other reason, they remain ineligible for all Intramural sports and events until reinstated by the Director.  In order to be reinstated, participants must:

    1) Write a letter of reinstatement:  This letter must be written and submitted to the Intramural Office within 24 hours of the incident.  The letter should outline the actions that led to the participant's behavior and actions and how the situation could have been handled differently.

    2) Meet with the Associate Director (Shelly) and Assistant Director (Andy):  Following receipt of the letter of reinstatement, the participant will be contacted to schedule a meeting at their earliest convenience.  The participant may not participate in any Intramural sports/events until meeting with the Director and a suspension is finalized.

    3) Suspension: All participants that are ejected due to unsportsmanlike behavior will be suspended for a minimum of (1)one Intramural game. This suspension depends on the severity of the incident, repeat occurences during the same semester/academic year, and the disposition of the participant in the letter of reinstatement and the meeting.

Defaults: A team defaults when contacting the Intramural Office at x4251,  Shelly Radtke at x3977, The game will not be re-scheduled.  When a team defaults, both teams will receive a (3) three for sportsmanshipOne default is given per team, per regular season play; two or more defaults will count as a forfeit(s).

Forfeits:  A team forfeits when the entire team is a no-show or the team does not have the correct number of players to start the game on time.  When a team forfeits for any reason, that team will receive no higher than a (2) two.  The game will not be re-scheduled.  The winning team will receive a (3) three for sportsmanship.  Any team that forfeits two regular season games will not be eligible for the tournament.  Exception: If a team falls below the minimum number of players due to an injury, that team will receive the sportsmanship rating they would have received as if the game was over.

Appealing a sportsmanship rating score:  When a team disagrees with their sportsmanship rating, they must submit a written letter of appeal to the Associate Director of the Rudolf Fitness Center (Shelly Radtke) turned into the Intramural Office (lower level of the RFC) no later than 1pm the following day.  Appeals filed after this deadline will not be heard and the Director's decision is final.  The Director will notify the captain of the decision no later than one week from receiving the appeal.