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One of the Institute's primary objectives is to encourage the interdisciplinary study of hate. As one means of accomplishing this goal, we are collecting and making available on our site syllabi from faculty on courses that are related to hate studies.  We aim to provide a wide array of hate studies related educational resources in order to aid others who may be interested in designing a hate studies course.  If you are interested in submitting your syllabus, please e-mail it to If you know someone who teaches a related class, please forward this web page to him or her and request that he or she submit their syllabus for posting.

Hate in Cross-Cultural Perspective 
Dr. Jennifer Schlegel, Kutztown University, Spr. 2006 

Hate Studies in Business 
Gonzaga Business Faculty, Spr. 2010  

Communicative and Social Cognitive Foundations of Hate 
Dr. Michael S. Waltman, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Criminal Justice
Hate Crimes
Dr. Ben Fleury-Steiner

Hate Crime and Extremism
Prof. Brian Levin, CSU, San Bernardino, Winter 2006

Hate Crimes 
William C. Smith, Davis College, Fall 2009

Hate Crime
Valerie Jenness, Fall 2004

Hate Crime - General Education
Phyllis Gerstenfeld, J.D., Ph.D., CSU Stanislaus, Fall 2005

Hate Crimes and Enforcement
Dr. Gregg Etter Sr., Univ. of Mississippi, Spr. 2006 

Antisemitism, the Holocaust, and Racism
Dr. H. Freidenreich, Temple University, Spr. 2005

Why We Hate
Prof. Matthew Hoffman, Fall 2009 

Interdisciplinary Studies
Current Issues in the Law: Hate Crimes
Prof. Bern Haggerty, Winter 2010 

Political Science
Politics of Difference: Ethnicity/Race, Class, Gender and Sexualities
Dr. V. Spike Peterson, Univ. of Arizona, Spr. 2006 

Politics of Extremism
Dr. Arnold Leder, Texas State University,  

Politics of Hate and Psychology of Prejudice, Discrimination and Hate
Dr. Paul Kriese & Dr. Randall Osborne, Indiana University East/Texas State, Spr. 2010 

Psychology of Discrimination
Prof. Alexandra Corning, Fall 2003 

Psychology of Hate
Toni L. Bisconti, Ph.D., Fall 2005 

Psychology of Prejudice
Pamela L. Gist, Ph.D., Mount Saint Mary's College, Spr. 2007

Psychology of Hate Fall 2005 Reading List

Psychology of Tolerance, Social Justice and Hate Crimes
Dr. Sharon L. Williams, Western New England College 

I, Too, Sing America: Talking about Racism and Other Difficult Topics
Charles Behling, Winter 2007 

Stereotyping and Prejudice Across Cultures
Prof. Nyla Branscombe, University of Kansas, Spr. 2007 

Violence Against Women 
Dr. Karol Dean, Spr. 2007 

Public Policy
Prejudice and Discrimination: Psycological Bases and Policy Implications
Prof. Jack Glaser, UC Berkeley, Spr. 2006

Prejudice and Discrimination 
Prof. Jack Glaser, UC Berkeley, Fall 2006 

Social Work
Human Behavior and the Social Environment
Eunice Matthews-Armstead, Ph.D., LCSW, Eastern Connecticut State University, Fall 2005

Organizational, Community and Societal Structures and Processes
Jose A. Tapia, Univ. of Michigan, Fall 2006 

Bias Crimes
Dr. Randy Blazak, Portland State University, Winter 2005 

Black Women's Studies

Race and Ethnic Relations (Graduate)
Prof. Dwaine E. Plaza 

Social Inequality
Dr. Mark Edwards, Summer 2004 

Sociology of Prejudice and Hate (Graduate)
Jack Levin, Winter 2001  

Sociology of Prejudice and Violence
Jack Levin, Winter 2004 

Sociology of Prejudice and Violence (Graduate)
Jack Levin, Fall 2003

Why People Hate: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 
Gonzaga Faculty, Spr. 2010  

Ethics of Power and Racism
Dawn M. Nothwehr, OSF, Catholic Theological Union 

Women's and Gender Studies
Our Culture of Violence: Aspects of Gender, Sexuality, Race and Religion
Ann Sheperdson, University of Vermont

Power, Privilege and Gender 
Prof. Tamara Berg, WSU Fall 2003 

Teaching a Class
Resources for Teaching about the White Supremacist Movement
Collected by Abby L. Ferber

Teaching a General Education Class - This link is to an article about the challenges and solutions of teaching a general education course on hate crimes written by Phyllis Gerstenfeld. 

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