Pursuit of Justice Conference Policies


Program Decisions and Notifications

The conference committee will seek to include as many papers and sessions as schedule constraints and quality of submissions permit. For submissions made by the December 1, 2012 priority deadline, the conference committee will send notification of decisions and invitations to present by December 31, 2012. For all other submissions made by the January 11, 2013 final deadline, the conference committee will send notification of decisions and invitations to present by February 1, 2013. If you do not receive an official e-mail by the relevant date, it may be because you did not complete the submission process properly, your email address is incorrect, or your email has spam blockers that are blocking the incoming email. Please e-mail the conference organizers athatestudies@gonzaga.edu.

Session and Event Scheduling

All sessions and events will take place on the Gonzaga University campus. Sessions will be scheduled 8:45AM to 5:45PM Thursday, April 18 (Hate Studies only), 8:00AM to 5:45PM Friday, April 19 (entire conference), and 8:30AM to 3:30PM on Saturday, April 20 (entire conference). Special evening events are scheduled on Thursday and Friday as well. Although we will try to honor and accommodate scheduling requests, it is not possible to guarantee any session or presenter a specific day or time on the conference program. Session scheduling will not be finalized until April 1, 2013.

Chairs and Commentators

If your presentation or session proposal is not accepted but you still wish to participate, the conference committee may invite you to play an alternative role, such as a session chair or commentator. We also invite self-nominations to serve as a session chair or commentator in your areas of expertise. Please indicate on the submission form whether you are willing to act as chair or commentator on a session in which you are not a presenter. Session chairs are responsible to make sure that the session begins on time, that all presenters are introduced or introduce themselves, and that time limits are observed. All sessions are 90 minutes in length. This includes the reading of all papers, responses by the commentators (if any), and audience comments and questions. The conference organizers will contact session participants and chairs by email to make introductions and encourage integration and cross-conversation between the presentations.

Policy on No-Shows

A “no-show” is someone who is listed on the event program but who is not physically present at her/his scheduled session and who has not notified the conference organizers by April 15 of their inability to attend and has not made alternate arrangements for presentation (e.g., having one’s paper presentation read by an alternate who will attend the conference). No-showing may be unavoidable in some very unusual cases, but in general presenters are reminded that no-showing disrupts the overall conference, and negatively affects the session chairs, presenters, commentators, and attendees. No refunds will be given for no-shows, and you are responsible for finding your own alternative presenter, when feasible.

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