Gonzaga-In-Florence Textbook Information

Welcome GIF Students!

Please be sure to check our online textbook lists to obtain specific information about required texts for all of your GIF courses. Contrary to rumors you may have heard, not all textbooks are available in Florence - some will need to be purchased in Florence, and others you MUST purchase in the U.S. prior to your departure. Be informed so you do not show up unprepared!

Look carefully at the 'Notes' column and the key at the top of the textbook-list page - this will tell you how textbooks will be available. Anything marked 'USA' will NOT be available in Florence, so you must purchase those items before you leave the United States. Items marked 'LTD' are available in limited quantities for checkout on a first-come, first-served basis - to reserve one of these items, email the GIF librarian at librarygif@gmail.com. If you are not able to reserve or checkout a 'LTD' item, it will be available for purchase in Florence (unless marked otherwise).

Follow the link(s) below to find textbook information for specific GIF courses:
Where to your buy books: GIF Booksellers
Important Reminders!

If you are coming to GIF for the full academic year (fall AND spring semesters), be sure to check both the fall and spring online textbook lists. Remember that anything labeled as 'USA' on the lists will NOT be available for purchase in Florence, so it is a good idea to get any 'USA' textbooks you might need for spring before you leave the U.S. in September.

You may also purchase textbooks online and have them sent directly to the GIF campus (follow the example address below), with your name listed as the recipient. You may find lower book prices online, but it is always a good idea to order from European sites to avoid high shipping costs and long delivery times. Please contact the librarian (see below) or a member of the Student Life staff to obtain the mailing address of the school, and to receive tips about international book ordering.

For those shipping their books directly to Gonzaga-in-Florence:


c/o [your first and last name]

Via Giorgio La Pira, 11/13

50121 Florence, Italy

If you get textbooks from places other than those suggested (i.e. other than the ZagShop or Paperback Exchange in Florence), make sure you get the correct edition for your course(s). Most professors choose specific editions intentionally and want all students in their classes to work from the same edition.


Email the GIF Librarian at librarygif@gmail.com

(page last updated 04 April, 2016)