Summer Training Opportunities

ROTC cadets have a unique opportunity during the summer after their sophomore year.  They are allowed to attend various army schools including Airborne, Air Assault and Cadet Culture and Language Program (CULP).  Selection for these schools can be highly competitive, but cadets who return the following year always feel it was well worth the effort.

Gonzaga Cadets attending Airborne School at Ft. Benning, GA.  These cadets learned new skills and gained camaraderie with cadets from other programs.  Seen below are the 34 FT and 250 FT towers used for training.



Gonzaga Cadet attending Air Assault School at Ft. Knox, KY


Gonzaga Cadet participating in CULP in Ghana. This cadet was able to visit local villages and do philanthropy projects such as building new schools. She is also seen with a group of national ROTC cadets at the top of Mt. Afadjato, the tallest mountain in Ghana.2010CULPGhana


Gonzaga Cadet participating in CULP in Russia.  He is seen here in front of Smolny Covenant, in St. Petersburg.  Cadets are given the opportunity to tour different countries and learn about local cultures.


Gonzaga Cadet participating in CULP in Taiwan.  This cadet was able to train with the Taiwanese Army and while she was able to learn about their culture.