Fall Family Weekend

Fall Family Weekend is a training event that takes place early in the school year, shortly after classes begin at Gonzaga.  Conducted at Camp Seven Mile along the Spokane River, this event allows freshman cadets their first chance to experience squad unit tactics with their peers.  The weekend gives the junior year cadets their first chance at a leadership position in a field environment.

The most important part of the weekend is the opportunity for family members and friends to observe how Gonzaga creates such fine leaders.  For family and friends, the day starts with an orientation at Gonzaga and then lunch with the cadets in the field.  After lunch, family and friends match up with their cadets squad and begin conducting missions.

FFW w/familyWhile a squad-sized unit is assigned a task or battle-drill, their family members are able to watch the planning and leadership process as well as the actual execution of a mission against a simulated Opposing Force (OPFOR).  An experienced cadre member walks with the family explaining what is happening while a senior cadet and additional cadre member evaluate the squad.  The tactical training and leadership positions that cadets are placed in expose their ability to lead and develop skills necessary to lead Soldiers in the Army.

Squad OPORD Briefs with Terrain Models

Squad OPORD Briefs with Terrain Models

Squad Movements

Squad Movements

The Bulldog Battalion formed up & ready to meet their families

Bulldog Battalion

Cadets with their Families

Cadets with Families

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