Bulldog Activities


CTT training allows cadets to learn fundamental tasks of an Army soldier including tactical movement, basic first aid, radio procedures, and basic camouflage among others.

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Welcome Back BBQ

When the school year begin and the weather is nice, the Bulldog Battalion takes time to recognize those cadets who have made significant accomplishments and as well as to simply have fun during the Spring BBQ on campus at Gonzaga.

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Adventure Dynamics and Rappelling

Not far from Gonzaga's campus is the Adventure Dynamics recreational site. The Bulldog Battalion utilizes this location for outdoor and rappelling training. The cliff wall on the site is approximately 80 feet tall. It is ideally equipped for rappelling and climbing with rope ties at the top routes to climb. At eighty feet it gives cadets a chance to practice self-courage as well as have fun.

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After a Cadet is determined to qualify to be in the Army, the cadet is then able to contract.  Contracting is when a cadet formally commits to service in the U.S. Army.

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Military Ball

Shortly after the Spring Semester at Gonzaga begins, the Bulldog Battalion holds its annual Military Ball. It is held in the beautiful Hemmingson Center on Gonzaga's campus.  This event gives cadets a chance to experience a military dining out as well as some of the manners and traditions that go with it.

Spring FTX

The Spring FTX is a culmination of all the training the cadets have undergone during the school year. It puts cadets in a real-world training environment where operations last several days.

Heading Back to GU

In the past, the Spring FTX has taken place at Fort Lewis, parts of Spokane and Camp Seven Mile. Here the cadets have the chance to engage not just squad-sized operations, but in platoon operations as well, some commanding up to forty other cadets. The training is intense but rewarding and prepares Junior cadets for Advanced Camp in the summer.

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