MAJ Colliton Biography

MAJ Clayton Colliton is from Spokane, Washington.  He received a direct commission as an Infantry Officer with the Washington Army National Guard in April of 2002.


Washington State Principal Certification, WSU-Spokane

Master of Initial Teaching, Gonzaga University

B.A., History Education, Whitworth College

Military Education & Schools

Officer Strength Management Course

Infantry Officer Advanced Course (phase I)

Infantry Officer Basic Course

Primary Leader Development Course

Mechanized Infantry School (11M)

Basic and Advanced Individual Training (11B)

Adjutant General Captain Career Course

Tactics Certification Course

Army Basic Instructor Course

Platoon Trainer Certification Course

Duty Assignments and Locations

JAN 1996- DEC 1998        Driver, S3, 1st BN, 161st IN (M)                                                                        Spokane, WA

DEC 1998- JAN 2000        Assistant Operations NCO, 1st BN, 161st IN (M)                                         Spokane, WA

JAN 2000- APR 2001        Battalion Retention NCO, 1st BN, 161st IN (M)                                              Spokane, WA

APR 2001- APR 2002       Bradley Commander, 3rd Platoon, Company C, 1st BN, 161st IN (M)      Spokane WA

APR 2002- NOV 2003       Detachment Commander, Det 2, Company C, 1st BN, 161st IN (M)        Spokane, WA

NOV 2003- JAN 2005        Platoon Leader, Scout/Sniper Platoon, 1st BN, 161st IN (M)                      Baghdad, Iraq

JAN 2005- JUL 2005         Executive Officer, HHC, 1st BN, 161st IN (CAB)                                             Spokane, WA

JUL 2005- OCT 2006        S1, 1st BN, 161st IN (CAB)                                                                                 Spokane, WA

OCT 2006- JUL 2008        Assistant Professor of Military Science, Washington State University       Pullman, WA

JUL 2008- DEC 2010       Commander, Company H, 1st BN, 161st IN (CAB)                                       Joint Base Balad, Iraq

DEC 2009- APR 2010      Officer Strength Manager, Recruiting Retention Command                         Spokane, WA

APR 2010- Current           Assistant Professor of Military Science; Operations and Logistics             Gonzaga University

OCT 2012- Current           Commander OCS/WOIS WAARNG                                                                   Camp Murray, WA