Helpful Links

You and your parents are likely to have lots of questions about Summer Session. Many of those questions can be answered by the Coordinator of Summer Sessions. Others are best answered by the offices with expertise in certain areas. Here are links for the offices you are most likely to need additional information from as you plan your finances, your financial aid, and your housing. There are also links for the Registrar's Office for more complicated course-related questions, and the Office of Academic Advising, which helps incoming freshmen register for both summer classes and for fall semester.

Registrar's Office, 509-313-6592

Office of Academic Advising and Assistance, 1-800-965-9223 or 509-313-4038

Student Accounts Office, 509-313-6812

Office of Financial Aid, 509-313-6582

Residence Life and Dining Services, 509-313-4103