International Student Life & Student Union

International Student Life
The Gonzaga University Campus offers fun and variety for every type of personality! For some, campus life is centered around the Martin Center Gym where students can cheer for their favorite Zags sports teams, side by side with other students and faculty. For others, campus life is focused in the Foley Center library, business school or law school, all of which are perched above the peaceful Spokane River providing students with a beautiful view while studying. Many students and faculty find the regal red carpet and stained glass windows of the Administration building to be the best symbols of life at Gonzaga. The Jundt art center is another popular destination for those interested in exploring art exhibits. The famous St Aloysius cathedral has a special place in the hearts of many students as do the groves of trees in the center of campus and around Lake Arthur.

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Life Off Campus

Off campus, many students enjoy the world-class skiing, hiking and outdoor sports within a short drive of the school.
Many members of the Gonzaga community take advantage of being able to walk to downtown department stores, restaurants and movies along the pedestrian river trail.
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International Student Union

The Mission of the International Student Union is to raise cultural awareness both on campus and in the Spokanecommunity. Members of the club strive to break down the ideological differences that separate people of different cultures and educate the community about the problems of the world. In essence, members try to keep the Gonzaga campus updated about events, issues and cultural practices around the world.

Officers are elected each spring for the following year and are chosen based on leadership, contribution to the club and ability to interact with the university.

Camping Trip!

The International Student Union has a variety of activities which take place through out the school year. Annual activities include holiday parties, snow skiing, barbecues and the International Student Dinner.

Holiday Parties
parties are some of our greatest events! We celebrate traditional American holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and the Fourth of July! We also celebrate multicultural holidays, too! Most of our parties take place on
campus at the
Cultural Center.

Group Birthday Party at the Culture Center!

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Ski Trips
In the winter, the
English Language Center organizes a weekend ski trip! There are many ski resorts near Gonzaga University such as Mt. Spokane, 49 degrees North, Silver Mountain, Lookout Pass, Schweitzer, and much more! As a group, we get excellent deals with the hotels and ski resorts. Skiing, snowboarding, and lessons are available! This trip is fun for everyone from beginners to advanced skiers!

Ski Trip to Schweitzer!

We have several barbecues during the spring and summer months. When you come to our barbecues you have the opportunity to experience real American culture, outdoor games, and visits with good friends!

International Student Dinner
The International Student Dinner is an event designed specifically to promote cultural awareness in the community and share food and entertainment. Each year this is a sold out event which the campus and Spokane Community are invited to attend.

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