MA/TESL Learning Outcomes

MA/TESL Faculty/Student Forum

(“First Friday Forum”)


The forum is an opportunity for MA/TESL students and faculty to exchange ideas about research and teaching in an informal setting. 


The first hour will be for faculty to introduce research, methods, or materials that they are currently investigating, and the second hour will be for MA/TESL students to introduce their research, practice for their defense or for conferences, to get some different perspectives on their work, and so on.

The forum will be held

on the first Friday of each month, from 12:30 – 2:30, in Schoenberg 201

Light refreshments are provided.  

If you would like to participate (even a 10-minute summary of your research would be great), please email James Hunter:

This year's FFF meetings will be:

February 6
March 6
April 3
May 1
June 5
August 7
September 4
October 2
November 6
December 4

Previous presentations include:

November 2012

Global Teaching and Learning: Faculty Perceptions at Gonzaga University; Contrastive Rhetoric Between Arabic and English: Taxis and Lexis; Proofreading? Editing? Ghost-writing? Plagiarism? Where are the boundaries?

October 2012

Teaching countable and non-countable nouns; Multidisciplinary or Interdisciplinary? TEFL in Chimfunshi, Zambia; “‘KEES’ as an intercultural exchange vehicle for fostering l2 pragmatic competence”

September 2012

Demonstration of the Automated Pronunciation Screening Test [APST]; Colombian Perceptions of International Exchange: Benefits and Barriers; First language use and policies in English-only classrooms in bilingual programs in Colombia

February 2012

Reflections on doing a Portfolio; A Reflection on My AR Project: Can IELTS Listening Activities Provide Opportunities to Develop Focused Listeners?; Writing feedback options; “Changes to traditional Ktunaxa naming practices between the missionary, residential school, and Native language revitalization.”

December 2011

Cultural Types: an alternative to the High Context/Low Context View; A Year as a Fulbright teacher in Bulgaria; Thesis presentation: The N/NEST dichotomy and world Englishes; Portfolio presentation: The English Village

November 2011

Small Talk : Listening for non-target-like language production; Reformulation of student language; Coaching – Pragmalinguistic and sociocultural guidance; Check-in - A synopsis of the group discussions; Guiding the grammar syllabus

October 2011

Uses for an iPad in an ESL classroom; Teaching English in Taiwan & Traveling in Asia; Collaborations in Colombia; Metalanguage and Grammar instruction Versus Authentic Application of Writing: A Case; Bilingual Education Policy in Colombia: A Complex Vision for the Future

September 2011

A plug for Peru; Teaching English in Japan; Using Moodle for Independent Learning; Fluency, Accuracy, and Complexity in Small Talk: some (brief) findings

April 2011

ACODESI & the Gonzaga connection; Developing Intercultural Competence: A Pilot of English 101 Cross-Cultural Composition; Reaction Time, Accuracy, and Automaticity in Language Processing; TESOL in the Big Easy

February 2011

Teaching English in Indonesia; Living &Teaching in the West Bank; Living &Teaching in Korea; Arabic Transfer in Second Language Acquisition

December 2010

Exploring with (post Small Talk discussion) “Check-in,” Interlanguage Analysis using the Small Talk error database, Cross Cultural Training and the Expatriate

September 2010

The Business, Technology Education and Career Counseling program (BTECC); a report on the 2010 Language Camp high school program; Reflections on a year teaching in Abu Dhabi

December 2009

WAESOL's Top 5 of '09

October 2009

English in Columbia, The Visible & Invisible Aspects of Culture

September 2009

Database Magic for Fluency & Accuracy, Methodology via Telecollaboration

May 2009

TESOL in Japan, TESL/TEFL & Interdisciplinary Projects, Multilevel Adult ESL Classrooms

April 2009

Language Loss, English as a Tool for Economic Advancement, Assumptions of Politeness, Top 10 TESOL '09

March 2009

Torajanese Culture, Four Points in SLA

February 2009

Corrective Feedback, EFL in Taiwan, Whiteboard