Conference Scholarship Information

The Graduate Student Council recognizes the value of academic endeavors beyond the borders of Gonzaga.  As such, we offer several $500 scholarships (in the form of a reimbursement) in support of Academic Conference and Travel Fees.

When awarding scholarships, the GSC considers financial need, academic merit, and benefit to the Gonzaga Community (based on your proposed presentation to the GU Community after your conference).  Additionally, the GSC favors those students who are presenting at a conference over those who are not as well as those who have never received an award in the past. Please note that conference scholarships are often highly competitive. The council is as objective as possible in its award decisions.

Scholarship funds will be reported to the Gonzaga Financial Aid Office and could have an affect on future Financial Aid Awards.

Law students are ineligible. For further information on this please contact the GSC office x5668.

Deadline(s) and Link for Application

The next conference scholarship deadline where two scholarships of $500 each will be offered is October, 2015. Please visti to see the application. Please review the "Specific Instructions" regarding submitting conference scholarships below. 

Specific Instructions for Submitting Application

 1. You may submit an application for a conference that you desire to attend or are planning to attend or that you have recently attended.  If you are submitting for a future conference or recently attended conference, please email an attachment containing your application (only send an attachment of the application at this point). Make sure to note that you need your signature and your Advisor's or Deptartment Chair's signature on the application (see the bottom of the application). You must receive a confirmation email from the GSA Director to confirm that your application has been properly received.

2. Following the deadline for submitting your application, the Graduate Student Council will meet to determine the two conference scholarship recipients for this round. All those who submitted applications, will be notified within two weeks of the deadline whether you received the award or not.  If you have not heard from the GSA Director within two weeks, please email me at to find out what is going on. 

If You Were Not Chosen

If you are wondering why you were not chosen, please know that there is a good chance that the GSA Director will have your program's council representative get back to you on this.  Please understand that applications are usually quite good, which makes the decision process difficult.  Decisions simply come down to how the council votes considering the criteria noted above. 

If You Were Chosen

 1. If you are a chosen conference scholarship recipient, you must submit actual copies of receipts to the Graduate Student Association Director (not copies or scans). Make sure to keep copies for yourself. Please have explanations of the receipts if necessary. You may do this in two ways: 

First, by dropping them off in person in an envelop at the Student Involvement and Leadership Office, which is located on the second floor of the Crosby Building, room 200.  Make sure that you request they go to the GSA Box.  The Office Manager will be able to assist you.  Tell them to put the envelope of receipts in the GSA Box.  All of the boxes for the different programs are on the back wall where you walked in.  One of them says GSA. Make sure the student puts it in this box.  I need to repeat though, periodically none of the staff will be around and there will only be students.  As long as you see them put it in the GSA Box (not GSBA or anything else... GSA), then you will be good. You must send me an email to tell me when you dropped off your envelope as well as the address where you want your reimbursement check sent. I will confirm with you that I have them. If I don't confirm with you, then send me another email.

Second, you may send me the receipts with an explanation of the receipts by mail.  Please mail these to:

Director of Graduate Student Council

Gonzaga University

502 East Boone

MSC 2470

Spokane, WA 99258

Send me an email telling me that you have sent the receipts.

2. You must tell me your student account number and the address where you want your reimbursement check mailed to. 

3.  Also, in order to receive your reimbursement, you must email a brief letter to the Director regarding your conference experience.  Just note two or three paragraphs about where your conference was, why you attended, what you learned, how your presentation went, etc.

3. This is it.  Reimbursements can take sometimes several weeks to be sent out. 

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