Our Institutional Goals

The Office of Intercultural Relations has developed the following institutional goals to assist with our mission:

  • Campus Climate: We are working to establish and sustain a campus climate infused with diverse experiences. A campus where respect, inclusion, and compassion are kept in the consciousness of the campus community through on-going activities and educational opportunities.

  • Intercultural Competency and Diversity Leadership: We strive to recommend and assist in establishing new course development, faculty and staff training programs, and other learning opportunities related to race, gender, religion, language and other human differences. Through these programs we hope to enhance the educational experience of our community and deepen understanding and respect for all.

  • Recruitment and Retention: We hope to facilitate the increase and support of diversity in Gonzaga's student, faculty, and staff populations. We establish collaborative strategies with various stakeholders and constituents for recruitment, orientation, and retention of University community members.

  • Community Outreach and Social Justice: We are promoting mutual partnerships through active involvement in community activities, and partnerships with community-based organizations. We serve as an intercultural relations resource for local, regional, and national human rights efforts.

Gonzaga's University's Commitment to Human Diversity

Gonzaga University's distinguished tradition of humanistic, Catholic, and Jesuit education recognizes that all humans have the same sacred origin, nature, and inherent dignity regardless of race, sex, religion, nationality, economic status, or other differences. The University believes in the principles of holistic education and strives to provide all community members with opportunities for a variety of experiences from which they can learn and grow. The University recognizes that the quality of education, as well as the growth and development of the human person, is enhanced by awareness of and learning from persons with different experiences, backgrounds, and ideas. This approach equips all community members, especially its graduates, to understand and relate to persons from all cultures and backgrounds. The University is committed to promoting awareness and acceptance of human diversity. The University further strives to provide an environment in which all members can reap the educational and experiential benefits of a diverse community whose members reflect a variety of cultures, backgrounds, ideas, religious traditions, and values consistent with the University's traditions and Mission Statement.

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