Faculty Diversity Leadership Award

Gonzaga University Faculty Diversity Leadership Award

Background Information

Purpose of Faculty Diversity Leadership Award

The Gonzaga University Diversity Leadership Award for $500 is designed to recognize, on an annual basis, an academic member of the university community who has made a significant contribution toward institutionalizing the mission and goals of our commitment to diversity. As an academic community it is our desire to recognize exemplary leadership in manifesting the ideals of diversity into practical action.

Institutional Commitment to Diversity

At Gonzaga University, we think of diversity as an affirmation of our faith-inspired commitment to an inclusive community where human differences thrive in a working and learning environment characterized by mutual respect and the pursuit of social justice. In this context, race, gender, ethnicity, age, disability, social class, religion, sexual orientation, language, and other human differences are all seen as contributing to the richness and depth of our intellectual community life. Our differences enrich us individually as human beings and collectively as a community striving to more completely actualize our university mission.

University Diversity Goals

In its desire to develop and implement a comprehensive mission-centered diversity program, the university has identified the following four major strategic goals:

Campus Climate: To establish and sustain a campus climate that is infused with the experience of and where the values of respect, inclusion, and compassion are kept at the core of the campus community’s consciousness through on-going cross-cultural educational opportunities and intercultural competence activities.
Cultural Competence: To promote new course development and curriculum innovations, provide faculty and staff empowerment programs, and other formation opportunities related to cultural diversity which enhance the educational experiences of our students, faculty, and staff in furthering their understanding of and respect for all people.
Recruitment and Retention: To assist with and contribute to increasing the diversity of Gonzaga’s student, faculty, and staff population by coordinating and implementing strategic actions in collaborative partnership with university entities involved in recruitment and retention (Admissions, Student Life, Human Resources, Faculty Search Committees, etc.).
Spokane Regional Community Leadership: To assist with and contribute to local social justice and diversity efforts through active involvement in community activities, forming collaborative partnerships, and/or serving as a resource (leadership, research, intellectual capital for activism) to the greater Spokane regional area.

Award Eligibility

Any full-time faculty member, i.e., tenured, tenure-track, fixed-term teaching at the undergraduate and/or graduate level during Academic Year (AY) 2006-2007. Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by a colleague, staff, or student.

Evaluation Criteria

Award nominations will be assessed on the following four criteria:

1. The extent to which the candidate’s activities have promoted a campus environment that is welcoming, supportive and nurturing of cultural, ethnic, racial, class, gender, sexual orientation, language and other human differences.
2. The extent to which the candidate’s activities have raised the general awareness and consciousness about diversity issues within the context of the university’s mission and for the greater good of the campus community.
3. The impact that the candidate’s activities have had on the campus community, reflected, both, in the number of people directly impacted by the initiative as well as the likely length and duration of that impact.
4. The scope of the candidate’s activities, meaning the relative time, effort, resources, and commitment involved in implementing the initiative and how it relates to the faculty member’s teaching, academic citizenship, advising, and scholarship/research.

Evidence Sources of Exemplary Diversity Leadership

The following recitals are intended to offer examples of activities. This list is not prescriptive, exclusive or exhaustive but merely illustrative of, practices and activities that exemplify the university’s four strategic diversity goals.

• The planning, design, and implementation of a campus-based program series or workshops for staff, faculty, or students on a diversity topic.
• Developing and establishing a new course (or set of courses) that focus on diversity issues in relation to a specific discipline.
• Leading a major curriculum realignment or change to the knowledge base of existing courses that incorporates multiple perspectives, and research representing diverse voices.
• Development and use of innovative “cultural pedagogical” practices that impacts what is taught, how it is taught, how it is evaluated, and how it transforms the classroom culture into a climate of student engagement in diversity topics and equity issues.
• Secure funding to conduct research in an area of diversity scholarship that is published in a peer reviewed journal.
• Implementing programmatic, departmental, and/or curricular changes that reflect and privilege cultural inclusiveness on an institutional level.
• Provide significant mentorship and support to students, staff and faculty colleagues who represent a particular segment of diversity within our community.
• Active participation and demonstrated leadership in either a campus-based diversity program and/or a Spokane regional community diversity initiative that engages GU students and faculty.

Submission Information

Submit all nominations to:
Annette Barta, Office of the Academic Vice President, barta@gonzaga.edu or AD Box 99.

The deadline is: “To Be Determined for 2008 Convocation”

Questions: Please contact Raymond Reyes, Associate Mission Vice President for Intercultural Relations, at GU extension #6550 or reyes@gu.gonzaga.edu