Center for Scholarly Writing

Welcome to the Center for Scholarly Writing. The CSW exists to promote and facilitate high-quality scholarly writing; such writing presents an informed, well-substantiated argument on a topic that is both relevant and appropriate within the academic community.

The Center is guided by several assumptions:

  • Everyone in the DPLS belongs. You are here because the department has confidence in you and your academic abilities;
  • Every student in the DPLS has something valuable to contribute to the scholarly discussion;
  • Transforming thoughts into scholarly writing is challenging; the level of this challenge differs from person to person;
  • Even the best authors benefit from feedback from other writers;
  • Writing is hard work; high-quality scholarly writing is even harder;
  • Writing requires a significant personal investment. CSW staff will do their best to respect the hard work you have put in to your writing; and
  • CSW staff will attempt to provide you with sound feedback on your writing. It is your decision whether or not to appropriate their suggestions.
The Center also has a number of expectations:
  • You will take primary responsibility for your work. While the CSW staff will invest their time, energy, and resources in your project, ultimately the project is yours. The CSW will not do for you what you are able to do for yourself;
  • You will likely write several drafts of your work. Re-writing is a key component of learning to write well; and
  • You will adopt an open, non-defensive posture to receive feedback on your work. Critical comments are not intended as personal attacks.

Questions? Contact us at To access the CSW Guide, click here.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here