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What Are the Grading Policies?The DPLS abides by Gonzaga's grading policies. In addition, each instructor will have his or her own grading guidelines, although the instructors will generally by the rubrics found here.
What May Be the Most Important Thing You Could Do As a Student?Get to know the nice librarians and staff at Foley Library. Really.
Where Do I Get My Student ID card?Click here to get more information about obtaining a ZagCard.
How Do I Pay My Tuition Bill?The Office of Student Accounts will happily take your money. Via payment plans, too.
How Do I Register for Courses?Register for courses on ZagWeb. Please note that when students take a semester off and then try to register for classes in a subsequent semester, Marnie Broughton has to "quick admit" them. Students must contact Marnie Broughton (broughton@gonzaga.edu) prior to the semester in which they intend to register. Students must be quick-admitted before they will be able to register for classes. This applies to all students, including summers-only students.I Am Having Trouble Signing On to Wifi, Blackboard, Zagweb or Zagmail.The Information Technology team will be your cyber friend throughout the entire program. If you could memorize any number, the Help Desk's number just might be it: 509-313-5550. The team will reset your password; they will get you out of Blackboard issues; and they will be there when you just need someone to listen as you talk yourself out of a jam. They also provide technology training on applications, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Skype.
What Are the URLs for Blackboard, ZagMail, and ZagWeb?Blackboard: learn.gonzaga.edu
ZagMail: zagmail.gonzaga.edu
ZagWeb: zagweb.gonzaga.edu
What is an Individually Directed study, Why Would I Complete One, and How Many May I Complete?An individually directed study is a course of study that a student individually completes with the approval of his or her chair/advisor. This individually directed study may consist of 1-3 credits. Students often hold off on completing their individually directed study credits until they have reached the dissertation. (We highly recommend this!) No more than 12 credits in a student's entire course of study can be a combination of individually directed study credits and doctoral level credits transferred in from another university. (Transfer credits are subject to review and approval by the Doctoral Faculty.) Students who wish to complete an individually directed study must complete an application form, which can be found here.
How Do I Publish a Journal Article?To be honest, publishing is easier than you may think. There are thousands and thousands of journals out there, each of which have their own submission guidelines. The Foley Library website has a pretty extensive list of journal titles. Many students make it a habit of submitting their course papers to journals. And sure, there is a risk of being rejected, but remember that everyone gets rejected at some point - even professors - you won't know until you try.
How Do I Create a Poster Presentation?The following are links to ideas about how to create a poster presentation:
You may also want to have your poster printed and mounted at a store like FedEx Office. Members of the GU community may also check with Faculty Services for their printing needs.
What and When is the Course in Italy?DPLS students have the opportunity to take one or two classes in Italy. They are:
  1. Renaissance Leadership for the 21st Century, Florence, Italy (typically the first two weeks of June)
  2. Renaissance Rhetoric, Florence, Italy (typically the first two weeks of June)
Both Florence courses can be taken for doctoral credit electives AND are designed to be taken together or individually. For more information about the classes and about how to apply, click here or contact Shannon Zaranski: zaranski@gu.gonzaga.edu.
Where May I Park on Campus?For more information on parking, click here.
Where May I Work Out?

Great question. All that reading and sitting in front of a computer is not helping our bodies. The Rudolf Fitness Center is located on the southeast side of campus west of the McCarthey Athletic Center (basketball arena), south of the Foley Library, and north of the Centennial Trail. Working out at the Rudolf Fitness Center, however, is not included in the price of tuition. Graduate and Law School student governing bodies opted for the optional membership fee of $150 per fall/spring or $30/summer semester to use the Rudolf Fitness Center.

There are also many gyms in the area. Current and former students report that they are members of the Spokane YMCA, Oz Fitness, U-District PT, Lila Yoga, and Yarrow Yoga.

How Do I Get Tickets to Men’s Basketball Games and Other Sporting Events?Fortunately, you do not have to pitch a tent to get tickets to men's basketball games. All it takes is standing in a line on a Sunday morning. Find the explicit instructions here. For all other sporting events, students may just show up the game the day of and enter the game for free. Remember to bring your student ID card.
How Do I Get Cheap Business Cards?The Gonzaga Alumni Mentor Program (GAMP) provides 100 business cards for $5. To order, follow the instructions here. GAMP also provides career development, networking, job shadows, informational interviews, and many other services for all Zag alumni both in Spokane and all over the world. ZagTrax is Gonzaga's job board. Alumni and students may also meet with career counselors by scheduling an appointment.
Where Do I Buy Books?All books are located at the Zag Shop, which is located in the retail space in the parking lot structure on Hamilton, or online at many retailers. Students report frequenting the following sites: Bookfinder.com, Amazon, Powell's, Abe Books, and Half.com.
How Can I Get in Touch With Other Graduate events?The Graduate Student Council works hard to bring you free or cheap social events, resources, and other services to meet the needs of graduate students.
Is DPLS on Facebook?

We are! Here are a list of social media sites we are members of, plus other ways to interact with us and Gonzaga on the whole:

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