As faculty members in the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies, we affirm the inherent worth and dignity of every person and the centrality of justice, equity, and compassion in human relations. In order to maintain our deep connection, deep sharing, and commitment to each other, we agree to the following covenant:

We will continue to use inclusive language to acknowledge the diversity amongst us. We acknowledge that there are different ways to participate in our community and will make room for all styles to participate. We actively will work to ensure that in our classes neither the instructor nor a small group of students dominate class discussion and activities. We will encourage anyone who feels that they are being bullied to bring this to the attention of their classmates and the instructor and if necessary will seek outside help in addressing this issue.

We will take responsibility for stating what we need or want when issues of difference arise. If we feel a special need for safety regarding something we are going to share in our community, we should feel free to state that need before we share. We will observe confidentiality with issues that are brought to this community unless we have been given permission to share the information. We will assume an intention of good will when anyone makes statements which some may perceive as hurtful or uncomfortable. We will ask people to clarify their thoughts if we are confused or hurt by what has been disclosed. We will acknowledge indications of pain, concern or discomfort that show up on our community by our members and deal with them as a community.

We will advocate for persons that identify with groups that are marginalized and oppressed and will recognize that conflicts among groups will arise and that neat solutions cannot always be found. We pledge to continue to learn more about the perspectives of those who experience discrimination in the greater cultural framework of the United States and work to recognize and minimize marginalization and oppression when they occur in the Doctoral Program in Leadership Studies.

We will actively encourage students to approach us directly about issues they have. We will also make it clear that students who feel uncomfortable about directly approaching us are encouraged to take their concerns to the Department Chair and that if still not satisfied, to then take their concerns to the Dean of the School of Professional. Because it is a violation of professional conduct, we will not discuss our colleagues with students and will strongly discourage students from discussing faculty members with other faculty including adjunct and former faculty members.

We will recognize that the work we do together is sometimes hard, but necessary work, and that our overall goal is to stay €œat the table€ together. We strongly will encourage students in the program to develop their own covenant either for the entire program or for individual courses and will make time available at the beginning of courses for students to work on this.

In doing this we assert that this Doctoral Program community will be a place where we can share our concerns and our questions about how to act in good faith across differences and a place where we can grow in these skills so essential to leadership.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here