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Graduation marks the completion of the course of study leading to a Ph.D. in Leadership Studies. Strictly speaking a student is not a graduate of the program until the student's transcript indicates she or he has graduated. Official graduation, and not the graduation ceremony, is the graduation that counts!

For the purposes of the Doctoral Program, official graduation occurs when the student :

  • gives the Program Coordinator the completed and signed dissertation;
  • satisfies all of the requirements of the Student Dissertation Checklist including removal of all incompletes; and
  • the Program Coordinator (not the student) has gotten the signature of the Dean of the School of Professional Studies.
Up to 19 Students Graduate Each Academic Year

A student can officially graduate at six specified times during the year. During an academic year, June 1 through May 31, Gonzaga University can only officially graduate 19 students. Once the 19 graduates have been reached, students will move to the list for the next academic year. Students needing to graduate during a specific year are responsible for the timely completion of their dissertation and working with their advisor to satisfy the requirements of the Program. The list of students who have officially graduated during the year is public information and is posted. The faculty of the Doctoral Program is committed to our students, recognizes that some students have special timelines, and will work with them on meeting their needs.

Graduation Ceremony
In May of each year Gonzaga University has a Graduation Ceremony. Participation in the Graduation Ceremony is NOT the same as official graduation and the number of students participating in the Ceremony can differ from the number who officially graduate. To participate in the Graduation Ceremony, a student must have:

  • A completed and edited draft of their dissertation ready for distribution to their committee by February 1;
  • The dissertation signed by their committee by April 15.
  1. The student is encouraged to stay in touch with the program;
  2. Ensure that the program and Gonzaga University have their current address; and
  3. Be involved in alumni activities of the Program.

All Are Welcome Here
All Are Welcome Here

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