"A great aspect of the Emerging Leaders Program is the 360 personal evaluation. The ELP program not only helps you understand more of how you operate as a person, but it shows you how to better work and relate with those around you. I found this to be a key point of leadership that makes this program unique and very effective in the real world." -Steve Lee, 2011 ELP Cohort; Director of Information Systems, Rosauers Supermarkets.

"The hands-on case studies from the guest CEOs provided a real world context for applying the best examples of leadership and leadership skills." -Teresa Eckard, 2012 ELP Cohort; Former Director of Planning and Engineering, Spokane International Airport.

"The Emerging Leaders Program unveiled a perspective of my leadership and the mechanics behind my leadership style that I had not been exposed to before." -Tim Graybeal, 2013 ELP Cohort; Senior Associate, Integrus Architecture.

"I participated in the Emerging Leaders Program to learn how to be a better manager; instead, through the experience and insight from various industry experts, I learned what it means to be a great leader." -Elizabeth Andrews, 2012 ELP Cohort; Manager of Revenue Requirements, Avista Utilities.

"One of the greatest benefits of the ELP is the chance to interface with different leaders from around the community..." -Shannon Brown, 2012 ELP Cohort; Scientist, Jubilant Hollister Stier.

"The Emerging Leaders Program gave me access to and insight from some of the brightest and best leaders and instructors our region has to offer." -Carolyn Turner, 2013 ELP Cohort; Director of Budgeting and Forecasting, Hecla Mining.

"Through ELP, I learned an important distinction between between being a manager and being a leader. I am going to continue to develop my leadership skills because of my very positive experience through this program." -Forrest Shannon, 2012 ELP Cohort; Project Manager, Integrus Architecture.