2014 Outstanding SEAS Student: Alex Williams

Alex Williams
Alex Williams (center) with friends at Commencement.

Computer science senior Alex Williams was selected unanimously among Department Chairs for the 2014 Award for Academic Excellence for the School of Engineering & Applied Science. Dr. Shawn Bowers served as Alex’s Senior Design advisor. “He has done an outstanding job in Senior Design, providing excellent leadership to his team,” says Dr. Bowers. “He has also done an excellent job communicating with the team's sponsor, WinchEngineer Group, which makes a huge difference for a team.”

Originally from Federal Way, WA, Alex was inspired to study Computer Science following an introductory course taught by Professor Daniel Hughes, now retired. He especially enjoyed working on a project during his sophomore year in which he and classmate Evan Shioyama created a customized version of the game Minesweeper with a photo of Dr. Bowers. As a student, Alex was also a member of the Gonzaga Cycling Team and active in intermural sports.

Following graduation in May 2014, Alex began work as a Software Development Engineer at Amazon in Seattle.