School of Engineering Mission

Our Mission:

The School of Engineering and Applied Science produces broadly educated and capable engineers ready to contribute innovative solutions for a better world.

School of Engineering & Applied Science Educational Objectives 

Engineers educated at Gonzaga University will:

  • Develop engineered solutions that are well-conceived and carefully implemented to meet public and private sector needs.
  • Contribute effectively to organizations as leaders and/or team members.
  • Foster personal and organizational success in a dynamic, globalized professional environment.
  • Improve society by applying Jesuit, humanistic values to their professional and civic responsibilities.

These four Objectives encompass the broad areas in which we believe our graduates will contribute to society in their careers and professions.

Transmission & Distribution Program Goals

Students educated in Gonzaga University's Master of Engineering in Transmission and Distribution Engineering will be able to:

  • Identify, formulate and solve power engineering problems through application of fundamental and broad principles and techniques from mathematics, sciences and engineering with primary attention being focused on applications in designing, maintaining and improving the nation's electric power grid.
  • Formulate a rational approach to develop and evaluate design solutions; to apply analytical, computational and experimental methods along with sound judgment to develop effective design solutions to complex, open-ended problems in power engineering.
  • Participate effectively as a member of a team in projects that may involve multidisciplinary activities within the power industry.
  • Communicate effectively through verbal and written means; to make effective oral/visual technical presentations to peers and management; to prepare technical summaries and detailed written reports that describe and document engineering studies.
  • Conduct their power engineering work in a professional manner, cognizant of related ethical and contemporary issues and to continually improve their capabilities through lifelong learning.
  • Successfully pursue careers in the power industry and its related fields to serve the Pacific Northwest, the nation, and the international community in a wide range of careers.
  • To help students reach their fullest potential by helping them fully understand and appreciate the Jesuit mission with regards to life, leadership and service to others, while emphasizing an appreciation for the importance of designing and protecting a reliable, innovative national power grid.