Engineering Leadership

The course is intended as a capstone course that adds the leadership dimension on top of technical skill. There are three threads that will make up each area: a) Theory or Broad knowledge discussion, b) Application and Leadership tools and c) Video clips and other material about leaders at all levels of leadership that provide the perspective of those that are in a position of leadership.

In week one, Dennis Wick, a project manager at Boeing will give students an overview of leadership versus management and explain leaders as agents of change in their community.  In week two, Jilliene McKinstry, Assistant Director of the T&D program, will cover topics of communication including negotiation strategy, communicating with non-engineers and generational communication.

In weeks three and four Dennis will lead students on an in-depth study of systems thinking including breakthrough leadership, team learning and shared vision. In week five, students will gain an understanding of ethics in leadership, engineering and the ideas of servant and transformational leadership.

Week six begins a module on management skills and strategic planning with Bill Flerchinger, an engineer with Schweitzer Engineering Labs.  Bill will cover the strategic planning process, people management mechanics and support building strategies.