Director Information

T&D Director, Peter McKenny, Ph.D.

  • B.Sc. - Electrical Engineering –  University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, UK
  • MS and Ph.D. - Electrical Engineering  – Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY
  • Certificate in Management Development – University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

  • Director, T&D Engineering Program – Gonzaga Univ. Responsible for development of new T&D Program.
  • Team Leader – Design Engineering  – ATC, Green Bay, WI.  Managed engineering design of 390 projects (estimated value $323M) and supported subsequent project management and construction activities.  Supervised engineering staff and 10 consulting companies performing transmission line and substation design activities.  Technical Expert for Power Transformers and Stray Voltage - worked with PSCW, farmers, and Railroad
  • Electrical Design Manager  – Waukesha Electric Systems, Waukesha, WI. Responsible for Electrical Design of Transformers and Substation products (manufacturing approx. 350 transformers/year ranging 2–100 MVA, with a maximum voltage of 345 kV).
  • Principal Engineer  – WES and ABB. Responsible for electrostatic, magnetic, transient, and loss analysis ofpower transformers.  Analyzed transformer test failures and recommended appropriate design modifications. Developed internal and external insulation requirements for new 345 kV transformer design.
  • Consultant. Studied effect of proposed Quebec/Maine High Voltage DC link on New England 345 kV power grid for Central Maine Power.  Investigated cause of hydro-generator damage in a Bangor Hydro-Electric (BHE) hydro-station and conducted various studies of utility distribution system failures. 
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology – Visiting Scientist. Member of research group investigating breakdown of insulating oil using high-speed photography. 
  • Assistant Professor – University of Maine, Orono, ME. Developed and taught courses in all aspects of Power Systems and High Voltage Engineering.     
  • Adjunct Professor – Marquette, Milwaukee, WI. Developed and taught graduate level course in Power Systems Analysis.

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IEEE Milwaukee Section:
  • Director (1999 – 2002), Chairman (1997 and 1998), Vice-Chairman (1995/1996), Treasurer (1994/1995), and similar positions in the Maine Section IEEE (1985 – 1990)
  • MilwaukeeSection:  Section Memorial Award (May 2002)
  • Maine Section:         Professional Activities Award (May 1990)