K-12 Outreach

K-12 Outreach

The School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) partners with local schools and organizations to promote interest and understanding of engineering in K-12 classrooms.  In the past year, nearly 500 K-12 students participated in engineering labs at Gonzaga.  Some of the activities students and faculty support include:

MESA - Math, Engineering & Science Achievement.  SEAS hosts the 8th grade MESA competition on March 12, 2012 on the Gonzaga Campus. Nearly 200 area 8th graders competed in windmill design and testing, then participated in engineering labs led by Gonzaga engineering students and faculty.

Inland Empire Girl Scouts

Expand Your Horizons- SEAS partnered with the Inland Northwest Girl Scouts to host the EYH event at Gonzaga on October 15, 2011.  Approximately 130 girl scouts attended the day long event.

First Robotics

First Robotics  October 17, 2011, Gonzaga hosted a day long event for First Robotics Students from area high schools.  Students teams brought robots that competed in different categories.

Teaching the Teachers- We work with Greater Spokane to provide teacher service trainings on what the different engineering disciplines are and what our students do.  The teachers then participate in hands-on lab activities led by students and faculty to help teachers take this knowledge back to their classrooms.

Some of the activities we offer for K-12 classes, teachers and organizations:

  • Hydraulic Jump- This is similar to creating white water rapids in a lab. Students can also create boats and race them through the rapids.
  • Water Testing- Students can test different liquids for ph levels.  Students also learn how to turn river water into safe drinking water.
  • ZagOps- Students can practice on a power grid simulator- this is a good place to "accidentally" turn off the Alaskan power grid!
  • Pulse Jet Engine- Simple construction but lots of flames, noise and speed.  The students also see how intricate steel designs are created in seconds using the plasma cutter.
  • Robotics- Robots can "think" for themselves negotiating a race track and sensing obstacles.
  • Wind Tunnel- The students learn about aerodynamics.
  • Concrete Canoe- Gonzaga's award-winning concrete canoe defies logic to race over open water. Students will learn about the construction process.
  • Wind Powered Car-  Students can use a small windmill and "green" car to understand how wind and solar power works.                                                                                           

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