2008 - 2009 Senior Design

Senior Design Projects/Sponsors 2008-2009

The following is a list of 2008-2009 Senior Design Projects and their sponsors. We would like to thank all of those involved with the Center for Engineering Design. Their continued support of time and dedication is what makes our program so successful!

Civil Engineering:

1. Bulkhead/Bank Protection Failure (WSDOT)

2. GIS Pavement Rating & Traffic Volume Map (City of Spokane)

3. Lilac Terrace Senior Housing (Coffman Engineers)

4. Kootenai Medical Center Support Services Building (Coffman Engineers)

5. Sprague & Havana Wastewater Pump Station Evaluation (Gonzaga University)

6. Selkirk School District Wastewater Treatment Plant Facility Plan (Gonzaga University)

7.Black Rock North Water System Improvement Study (Gonzaga University)

8. Symetix Headquarter Facility (Integrus Architecture)

9. Gonzaga University Parking Structure & Retail Building (DCI Engineers)

10. Catholic University of Sudan  (Gonzaga University)

11. Green Energy for Dormitory in Kitale, Kenya (Gonzaga University)

Electrical/Computer Engineering:

1. ISM Bank Antenna Design, Modeling and Testing  (LHC2)

2. Delivery Robot  (Gonzaga University)

3. Intelligent Multi-Agent System for Reporting Drug Reactions  (Gonzaga University)

4. Voltage Rise on a Distribution Feeder  (Puget Sound Energy)


1. LHC2 Antennae for Wireless Mesh Radio  (Gonzaga University)

2. Heat Recovery Analysis on Natural Gas Pumping Station (Avista)

3. Starry Skies Ceiling Panel (Boeing)

4. Process Water Trench Scalping Screen (Inland Empire Paper)

5. Automated Sanding Machine  (Kimball)

6. Ultrasonic Peening Head  (Boeing)

7. Pallet Handler  (Alliance  Machine Systems)

8. Compression Loader (Goodrich Corporation)

9. Textile Box Mover  (Goodrich Corporation)

10. Work-holding & Ergonomics (Goodrich Corporation)

11. Green Energy For a Dormitory in Kitale, Kenya  (Gonzaga University)

Computer Science
1. Web Assessment Tool (Gonzaga University)

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