Mechanical 8 - Galley Insert

Student Team: Juan Oxmar Ramirez, Ryan Kalez, Daniel Sinner, Justin Bramlette
Advisor: Mike Keegan
Sponsoring Organization: Boeing
Liaisons: Nick Questad, Scott Coburn

Apart from minor changes in the look and operation of galley inserts, there have not been many changes to the type of equipment that is qualified for installation into an airplane galley in years. The goal of this project is to close the gap between airline and on-the-ground fine dining experiences and services by creating new offerings for galley inserts.

After conducting market research and utilizing different selection methods, we came up with a plan to design and create an electric grill galley insert. Our insert encompasses three electric grills along with supporting components to allow for stable operation within an enclosed environment as well as adhering to ARINC, FAA, and Boeing standards.  The scope of this project includes designing and fabricating a proof-of-concept model that will allow us to develop a suggested product design for future development.


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