Mechanical 14 - EPA Zambia

Student Team: Jessica Bladow, Richelle Mechenbier, Jordan Brunner, Spencer Fry, Eric Bokides, Josh Arreola, Krista Beyer, Paige Lawrence, Lorena Croucher, Taylor Moravec
Advisors: Tait Carroll, Dr. Mara London
Sponsoring Organization: Environmental Protection Agency

In the communities surrounding Zambezi, Zambia, many individuals are negatively impacted by contaminated water and poor air quality. Using funds from a United States Environmental Protection Agency grant, the project team is working to develop sustainable technologies that improve both air and water quality.  A ceramic water filter system that requires fewer resources to construct than current filter designs and provides additional filtered water storage has been developed and tested. Additionally, a thermoelectric cook stove prototype that reduces airborne particulate concentrations and uses less fuel-wood, while simultaneously using the waste heat to charge a mobile phone, has been developed. Students plan to travel in-country this summer to gather market research and field test the prototypes.


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