EE & CPEN 6 - RF Interference Source

Student Team: Alexander Harris, Rizal Vido Flores, Katherine DeGreef
Advisor: Dr. Steve Schennum
Sponsoring Organization: LHC2, Inc.
Liaisons: Bob Conley, Jon Thorpe

The purpose of this project is to architect, design, implement, test and document a Software Defined Radio (SDR) interference source capable of transmitting candidate waveforms from up to 4 physical and 16 “virtual” radio sources.  The SDR system, a component of the Gonzaga Smart Antenna and Radio Laboratory (SARL), will be configured with physical transmitters covering the 900 MHz Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) band.  Through digital baseband mixing techniques, the student team is expected to generate up to four virtual sources of interference to be transmitted on each physical radio. The project will specifically generate interference signals commonly found in the 902 to 928 MHz ISM band, including HAM Radio and Gas/Electric Meters along with frequency translated Walkie Talkies and WiFi.


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