EE & CPEN 1 - Channel Interference Model

Student Team: Tyler Schneider, John Rinehart, Kevin Bek
Advisor: Dr. Grigore Braileanu
Sponsoring Organization: Schweitzer Engineering Labs (SEL)
Liaisons: Henry Loehner, Bill Burns

Transmitting information wirelessly is an invaluable technology. However, there are pitfalls associated with the wireless transmission of data. One potential issue is the addition of electromagnetic noise onto the signal. Another potential issue is the weakening of the signal as the distance between the receiver and the transmitter increases. This is referred to as “signal fading”.The task of Senior Design Group EE1 was to characterize one noise model and two fading models and implement these models in Matlab and in Simulink. The Matlab and Simulink models are to be used in industry to aid wireless design engineers in understanding the nature of the noise and fading characteristics within certain frequency bands of interest.  Understanding the characteristics of the frequency band allows for more robust transmission and reception resulting in higher fidelity communication.


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