CPSC 1 - Parkinson's Project

Student Team: Marshall Hurson, Bradley Clemetson, Tyler Pacheco
Advisor: Dr. Shawn Bowers
Sponsoring Organization: Parkinson's Resource Center, EWU Department of Communication Disorders
Liaisons: Doreen Nicholas, Walter Jakubowski

People with Parkinson's Disease (PD) have a tendency to speak softly. This can make it hard for patients with PD to have regular conversations. Many patients have found going to speech therapy helps them speak louder during those sessions. However, many also find that after leaving the therapy sessions they start to speak softly again. Our solution to this problem is to create a device that will detect the patient's speaking volume and notify them if they are speaking too quietly. In addition to this, the device will collect data metrics of the user's decibel level while the device is in use. The device's settings will be easy to change through the use of a user interface. This solution will allow the patients to speak louder and clearer throughout the day.

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