Civil 8 - Chimfunshi Infastructure

Student Team: Lucio Baack, Dylan Schwarz, Austin Alexander, Brian Sliger, Matt Nava
Advisor: Sushil Shenoy
Sponsoring Organization: Gonzaga University


The Chimfunshi Infrastructure Improvement project involves the design of a water distribution and sanitation system for a community in Chimfunshi, Zambia. The project team will design the sanitation and water distribution system that is found to be most suitable for the site based on geographic conditions, economic issues, and cultural needs. Currently at the site, there is a need for a water distribution system to provide water for basic hygiene and consumption. This water distribution system will be designed for a compound of 23 houses. The latrines at the site are projected to be at capacity in the next few years, and current designs are flooding in the rainy season due to a high water table. The technical approach used to design these new systems will be to collect relevant site condition data and use this information in decision matrices to determine the most practical design that fulfills the needs of the community.





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