Civil 6 - Floor Vibration

Student Team: Steven Halcomb, Stephan Arana, Daniel Jacobs, Levin Guillermo

Advisor: Josh Comfort

Sponsoring Organization: DCI Engineers, Inc.

Liaison: Josh Comfort


Our project revolved around the analysis, comparison, and mediation of floor vibrations due to human activity, specifically walking in an office building. The main goal of this project is to create a decision support method for the preliminary floor design of typical office buildings.

We have studied many topics involving floor vibrations, such as theory, common floor framing systems, and remediation and prevention techniques. Due to the complexity of the topic, we examined only steel composite floors in office buildings. We used an accelerometer to gather vibration data to verify FloorVibe, the floor vibration prediction model that we examined. With FloorVibe, we modeled multiple bays and varied parameters that will likely affect the cost and vibration performance of the flooring framing system.  This project has led to a better understanding of important factors in floor design that influence vibration performance of floor framing systems when floor vibrations are of concern.




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