Civil 12 - Whitworth HUB

Student Team: Katerina Ternovets, Dilan Stahlnecker, James Nowak, Alex Johnson
Advisor: Andrea Hougen
Sponsoring Organization: Integrus Architecture
Liaison: Heather Hirst


At Whitworth University, the Hixson Union Building (HUB) serves not only as the primary dining facility on campus but also functions as the student center and career center among other purposes. In order to better serve the student population, it was deemed necessary to expand the HUB by adding approximately 10,000 square feet of space as an expansion.

It became CE 12’s goal to take on the structural analysis of this project and design the main force resisting system (MRFS) for both lateral and gravity loads complete with framing plans and foundation design among other elements. The design will utilize steel and heavy timber framing and emphasize open space through the use of a majority of the perimeter being windows and a restriction of interior walls as per the architect’s request.



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