Civil 10 - Water Clarifier


Student Team: Matthew Del Moro, Erik Fuentes, Zachary Hanson, Marco Orejuela Quintana, Matt Sullivan
Advisor: Tony Stenlund
Sponsoring Organization:  CH2M Hill & City of Spokane
Liaison: Kelly Irving


The City of Spokane currently has four primary water clarifiers and one pump station, and estimates growth within the city in the near future. This expected growth requires the design of a fifth primary water clarifier and associated pump station to meet the requirements from redundant chemical treatment processes, and the ability to treat future storm flow demands. The design of a fifth primary water clarifier and associated pump station will be designed for construction of products that will limit overall capital costs , maximize the life-cycle cost efficiency, conform to building codes, environmental policies and safety procedures, and will properly treat the City of Spokane’s wastewater. This design project fell directly in line with our senior curriculum and allowed us the opportunity to work with programs that we will use in practice.



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