Mechanical 5 - Dowel Bar Retrofit

Student Team: Justin Chin, Daniel McDonagh, Brian Morisset, Elizabeth Thompson
Advisor: Karch Polgar
Sponsoring Organization: ACME Concrete
Liaison: Robert Seghetti

        ACME Concrete, based out of Spokane, Washington typically works on projects which include highways, intersections, airport runways, and fueling depots.Concrete pavement constructed in the 1950’s through the 1980’s were constructed without load transfer devices along the transverse joints. After the 1980’s, the Federal Highway Administration insisted on using dowels in new pavements due to joint faulting in existing concrete pavements. ACME creates slots and inserts the dowel bars with a very labor intensive process. 
        Our group was responsible with designing and building a prototype which semi-automates the dowel bar slot process. The new process reduces labor, decreases time to cut slots, and delivers a better quality slot for bonding of concrete. Due to financial limitations, the prototype was stripped of a few components which ACME hopes to implement in the future, if the prototype process gets approved by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

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