Mechanical 1 - Molten Salt Energy Storage


Student Team: Jose Cervantes, Matthew Norris, Jeffrey Renslo, Zachary Schneider, Samuel Vial
Advisor: Dr. Robert Stiger
Sponsoring Organization: IncSys Corporation
Liaison: Robin Podmore

    Due to the scarcity of firewood in many parts of Africa, a large number of families rely on solar reflectors and the power of the sun for their daily cooking needs.  The drawback to this is that as the sun sets, their ability to cook meals is drastically diminished.
    MENG 1’s goal is to create a solar powered oven utilizing the excellent thermal properties of a molten salt to in essence create a “thermal battery.”  The device will be able to receive high input from a solar reflector and in turn allow people to store and utilize this thermal energy for their cooking desires.

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