Civil 7 - Hospice Building

Student Team: Jacob Blanchette, Kyle Johnson, Matt Theisen, Alex Wong
Advisor: Tony Stenlund
Sponsoring Organization: Structural Design Northwest, Inc.
Liaison: Una Zeck, S.E.

The Chaplaincy Hospice Building Project involves the structural design of a 13,500 square foot, two story, office building with an elevated mechanical loft and pitched roof, with clearstory windows.  Located in Richland, Washington the hospice building will include offices, training rooms, chapel, and auxiliary spaces. 
    Based on the initial architectural drawings and the local geotechnical report, the team was provided with the task of designing a framing system, which will be able to withstand our calculated gravity and lateral loads.  Members within the building will be specifically sized and spaced for their particular load requirements to be evenly distributed through the members and into the ground.  Similarly, a roof and flooring system will be designed to minimize noise pollution and vibration for the future tenants.  During these processes our group is utilizing different computer programs such as AutoCAD, MathCAD and Microsoft Excel to name a few. 

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