Civil 6 - Haiti Children's Home

Student Team: Craig Mauss, Jessica Monroe, Angela Weiss, Brettany Winant
Advisor: Melissa Verwest, Jed Druffel
Sponsoring Organization: MSAADA Architects
Liaison: Kennet Bertlesen, P.E.

The CEDE 6 Project Team has compiled a Design Study Report for the Lamb Children’s Center in Leogane, Haiti at the request of MSAADA Architecture. The center, which was previously destroyed in the 2010 earthquake, will double as a boarding school and orphanage. The main purpose of this project is to recommend systems for the reconstructed site with special consideration for the natural disasters prevalent in the area.  The project compared and analyzed site plan characteristics, rainwater harvesting, greywater reuse, wastewater disposal, energy, materials, and structural systems via a rubric developed to evaluate the products on total cost, durability, safety, sustainability, and system specific concerns. The rubric was used to ultimately recommend the best determined product in each category. The DSR report will be used by MSAADA to apply for funding from charitable organizations to build the project.

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